Monday, January 01, 2007

Bonne année

The French welcome the New Year in their own inimitable style, by holding a protest against the relentless progressivism of the calendar.

The Front d'Opposition à la Nouvelle Année/Comité d'Organistion National (Fonacon) brought the centre of Nantes to a standstill last night, condemning the approach of midnight.

"It is about time that the passage of time ended," said one of the hooded organisers. "We are fed up with getting older. Why should we follow the fashion? The planet is getting older and warmer. Not us. Stop this mad race towards death."

"Besides, next year is an election year [in France] and has a rather doubtful feel about it. Sego v Sarko? Not for us. No thanks."

The good folk of Fonacon showed true Gallic resolve in the face of adversity. When 2007 arrived regardless, the marchers amended their chants to "No to 2008" without so much as a pause.

Of course, one assumes they were joking. There must be a few people in France with a sense of humour, mustn't there?

And a Happy New Year to you too...


R. Sherman said...

Perhaps they should all climb to the top of Mont Blanc and jump off to protest against gravity, too.

Gutes neues Jahr, Ivan.

cantemir said...

La multi ani si un an nou fericit, Ion!

PI said...

The French most definitely have a sense of humour; my grandchildren laugh themselves silly when I speak French to them.

Desargues said...

What they actually meant was non á 1969; looks to me like these guys were stuck in 1968, which is the last time they had history on their side.

Or maybe that should be non á 1790?

Anyway, une bonne année á tout le monde around here, eh.

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