Sunday, July 09, 2006

Women who I’d rather vote for than Hillary Clinton

#1 in an occasional series…

Lisa Simpson


R. Sherman said...

I'm glad someone else is up late/early posting things.

My vote goes to:

this fine lass.

She's a Republican, I'm told.

Not that it matters, the more I look at the picture.


Ivan the Terrible said...

You make a compelling case, Randall.

Desargues said...

You gotta be kidding! Lisa is easily the most liberal in that family--she's only slightly to the right of the daughter in 'American Dad.' And what's with the hair-do, anyway? Why is it that women in position of power must all have ridiculous hairstyles?

Hey, Ivan, if you want to vote for Lisa again, remember who she turns into when she grows up: Susan Sarandon. Yeah. Plus, she plays the much reviled Clintonian saxophone. I'm OK with Bubba, despite his oleaginous inanities, but if you guys can't stand him, then shouldn't you also hate him... erm... instrument?

I'd vote for Brian Griffin, but he's not a woman. And, Randall, the link was broken. Didn't get to behold the beauteous maiden at all.

jamie said...

Vote for me! I don't have a ridiculous hairstyle, I have a fantabulously sexy mane!

Ivan the Terrible said...

Really, Des, the difference should be obvious - Lisa may be a Buddhist vegetarian, but she's also a person with principles. Been a while since we had one of those in the White House.

Anyway, I don't say I'd vote for her over, say, John McCain, or indeed Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent, but I would take her over Hillary in a heartbeat.

And Jamie, you're on. You'll be #7, right after Myra Hindley. Not that any comparison is meant, I hasten to add...