Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Johnny Hallyday awarded Nobel Prize for raising the average IQ of two countries

Johnny Hallyday, tired of being French, has decided to trade up to an exciting new nationality. Belgian. I don't think he's really put much thought into this. I give you the phrase "sexy Belgian rocker" just as an example.

His decision abruptly doubles the number of vaguely famous Belgians. And - added bonus - he's real, unlike Hercules Poirot, who sensibly left the miserable little rat-hole at the earliest opportunity and showed no inclination to return. Mind you, Hercules didn't like being called French either. I guess there's a natural pecking order even at that bargain basement level...

Jonny Hallyday yesterday. Apparently he'll have to lose the goatee to get Belgian citizenship, as it's a bit too racy for them.

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