Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Not half bad

Ave atque vale, then, Leslie Lynch King, Jr, 38th President of the United States.

"Damn it, I don't need the polls to tell me whether I'm right or wrong."

He's the first president I was ever really conscious of, and even then only because he was always in the news tripping over things. Now we come to consider his life, too late we realize that he probably deserved a lot better. But there's a lot of people like that, especially among the klutzy ones.

So take a minute for those folks in your life - the cack-handed and the bad-haired, the clumsy and the dull - who are plodding along, getting the job done all the same. We rely on them to be there when we need them, but might never think to thank them.

For Gerald R Ford, give them a smile today...

Gerald R Ford and friend, yesterday. RIP.


HA HA HA said...

ok whatd he do taht was so ggaret? asidde from makign chevy chase a houshold name?

Ivan the Terrible said...

Oh, he wasn't great, 3H. Nixon was great. After him, we needed a rest...

R. Sherman said...

I always liked Gerry Ford. Certainly, with his succesor, we had double digit inflation, Iranian hostages, the wonderful Olympic boycott and disco, so maybe I'm a bit jaded.

At least he took the high road when he left office and shut up.


HA HA HA said...

hey i liked nixan!

but i gota agaree thers alot to be saiad for shutign up aftar u leave ofice. and baefore. hentce my admiariation for calvan 'how do they know?' colidge.

r. srhreman - wel the olaumpic boycot was a principaled gensture atleast. unfrotuntaly it was also a idiotic one. but noboddy bats 1000 right? thats waht we need moare of in poletacs! piontless symnbolic gestures. there costefective!

Desargues said...

I sympathize with the plight of klutzes--I'm one of them myself. Not sure if Jerry Ford was one of them, but whatever.

As to his legacy, wasn't he the one who cut and run from Vietnam? Just as Ronnie Reagan cut and run from Lebanon, America's first violent encounter with fanatical towelheads? That should send Dubya tsk-tsking. I can understand Democrats cutting and running, but Republicans? C'mon!

What I didn't like about Ford is that he kept in office two of the psychopaths currently in power (well, one of them was just given the boot, so I guess that only makes one): the vice-preznit for snacking on babies and The Rum. So what's up with that, doc? Is that what the call "helping the nation heal" inthe wake of the Nixon mess?