Friday, February 24, 2006

O Canada, true patriot love in all thy wives command

Le Monde this weekend turns its attention to that hotbed of depravity, Canada, and its travails with its fringe population of polygamists.

For a moment one clings to the vain hope that this is might be just a matter of our old friends the Mormons, but no. Proving once again that they are firmly attached to the butt-end of the world’s moral compass, Muslim “community leaders” have leapt into the fray on the side of abuse and oppression.

Authorities in Utah and British Columbia have invested a lot of effort recently in a successful assault on those Mormon fundamentalists who plant their shacks in isolated communities in order to prey on their little girls undisturbed. A crackdown on the illegal cross-border traffic in adolescent “wives” has freed a number of youngsters and put some abusers behind bars. But their efforts are being undermined at the federal level by the Great Dominion’s very own brand of left-liberal November Criminals in Ottowa, who have called for polygamy to be legalised on multicultural grounds.

Would those people be taking the same stand if it were just the Mormons who were doing it? I think we all know the answer. One wonders what it is about such idiots that renders them incapable of joining the intellectual dots in their own arguments. There is no position so despicable or indefensible that the left will not assume it as long as there’s an angry Islamist prepared to put it on a banner and wave it at them. What next? Separate sharia courts? Oh, wait – they already tried that

Just put some hijabs on, girls, and we’ll be fine.


Anonymous said...

Next is non-separate sharia courts.

In fifty years, we'll have Sudan on our northern border. But look on the bright side: Since there's a good chance we'll have degenerated into Canada ourselves by then, we may well deserve it.

This civilization is coming apart at the seams, and there's no longer any room to hope that we'll have viable colonies in space before it collapses. No species that can thrive in conditions of savagery will ever be able to maintain a civilization for very long.

Ivan the Terrible said...

Bit dark, there, anon. I'm not so pessimistic myself. If the collaborators make themselves ridiculous enough times, people begin to drift away from them. I have a feeling that that drift is becoming a silent stampede. The next elections in Britain and France, for example, should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I'm not too worried about all that "Eurabia" stuff per se. It's just a symptom. A healthy civilization would flatten Islamism without stopping to think about it. If you're willing to let a mouse in the pantry be a real threat, you've got worse problems than a mouse in the pantry.

What has robbed me of all hope is the Nanny State. The zero tolerance mentality: Zero tolerance of risk, of crime, of carbohydrates, of whatever. We've become epicene control freaks. Howard Hughes was ahead of his time.

Anonymous said...

We're doomed, I tell you! Dooooooomed!

Anonymous said...

I have some sympathy for old-school left wing thought (that is, pre-multicultural bullshit), and I'm really not very worried by these trends. People who indulge in jeremiads about the fate of the West really don't realize how strong Occidental civilization is. The combination of parliamentary democracy, individual rights and capitalism is a steamroller that simply can't be derailed in the long run, although there is the occasional bump. Fer crissake, the West outlived the fucking Soviet Union, and THAT was a threat. If you worry about a bunch of retarded ragheads (I ain't gonna apologize for insulting crazy bastards, no matter where they come from) and some of their loony left-wing friends, then you really don't have too much trust in the West to begin with. I, for one, am very optimistic about it.

But note that multiculturalism is a potential threat not only in Canada, but also in Britain (I leave aside your average left-wing humanities department in the States). What's up with that, Ivan? Whatever happened to Magna Charta and stuff? Or is it Protestant guilt over colonialism?


R. Sherman said...

Well said, Ivan. In St. Louis a number of years ago, a Palestinian immigrant was convicted of murdering his daughter because she had "shamed" him by becoming too "Westernized." Fortunately, Missouri courts laughed at his "multicultural tolerance" defense.

Query where our northern cousins are heading? It would be hell to think you've escaped repression by fleeing to a "free" country, only to be told the institutions you gratefully left behind are stuck to you in the names of "tolerance" and "sensitivity."


Gorilla Bananas said...

Hey anon2, are you related to John Laurie, that fine Scottish actor?

Anonymous Epicene Control Freak said...

Which one do you mean by anon2?

PI said...

The 'Nanny State'made me prick my ears up. Born and bred to the working class (and I am about to blog my parents budget for setting up home in 1928)I believed in the nobility of the Socialist Party. Then in the forties found it maddening that you weren't allowed to paint the outside of your house so I have become more and more conservative with age.'If you vote Conservative when you are young you haven't got a heart and if you vote Labour when you are older you haven't got a head'
We really need a change of government.

Ivan the Terrible said...

I think we're all on the same page here Randall and various anonymi. This topic always puts me in mind of General Napier's response to a Brahmin who demanded the right to continue the practice of sati under British rule:

"You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: when men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours."

Time we started teaching that story in schools again...

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