Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Update - Best President (1900 - 1992) results

The nominations for best president (1900-1992) have been flooding in! What a warm-hearted and charitable bunch you are. But every poll must close, so it’s time for the results. In reverse order, they are [drum roll please]…

Honourable mention, with several runner-up nominations, Herbert Hoover
Teddy Roosevelt (1)
John F Kennedy (1)
Richard M Nixon (1)
Ronald Reagan (1)
Harry S Truman (1)
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (2)
Jimmy Carter (2)
And our runaway winner is…
Calvin “Silent Cal” Coolidge (4)

It’s impossible not to approve such well-deserved if belated recognition for such a great man. But, impressive as Cal’s score is, I’m afraid I am not dissuaded from my own view. For me there can only be one winner in this category. Step forward Harry S Truman – loyal, incorruptible in a deeply corrupt system, a failure most of his life who only became a Senator at 50, dropped the A-Bomb on Japan, and saved Europe (and so America too) with the Marshall Plan. Few more ordinary and decent men have ever achieved such high office, nor done so much good with it. God bless you, Harry!

Harry S Truman, yesterday. We shall not see his like again…


Anonymous said...

Harry Truman used to say of Tricky Dick, "he's nothing but a shifty-eyed Goddamned liar." At least he knew people.


Anonymous said...

It is said that President Truman's desk boasted two signs. One quoted Mark Twain: "Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest." The other read: "The buck stops here."

But whose buck was it? Truman was once asked by a young student how he might get started in politics. "You've already started," Truman replied. "You're spending somebody else's money, aren't you?"


Ivan the Terrible said...

Yup. Harry certainly knew his politicians. And his students.

R. Sherman said...

I would've voted for him, but I'm from Missouri, and thought that would be bad form.


Ivan the Terrible said...

Spare your blushes, old chap - nothing wrong with rooting for the home team :)

Aunty Marianne said...

The Marshall Plan. Good work.