Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The British are coming

The Terribles are going on holiday.

I am once again up against the limit of saved vacation days according to Vertucon’s HR Dept (motto: “Oderint, dum metuant”) so it’s a case of use it or lose it. Having considered the matter from every angle, I elect to pursue the former strategy, even if it means going on a road trip with three small children and a heavily pregnant wife in order to “get away from it all for a few days”, as she puts it.

This just goes to show how little my wife understands the role of the office in the lifestyle of the modern man. The Victorians didn’t invent the office on a whim, you know. When you had eight kids and a consumptive wife waiting for you in some insanitary unheated garret, twelve hour days where someone else was paying for the fire didn’t look so bad. And, mutatis mutandis, so it remains today – just replace “fire” with “broadband” and we are quite up to date.

Nevertheless, principle forbids me to give up vacation days and so effectively hang around the office mooching high speed internet and break room coffee without pay. There’s no telling where that might end. Also, noisy and time-consuming though my kids are, I do retain a remarkably persistent affection for the annoying little wretches.

So I accept the inevitable with good grace. Today we drive to Williamsburg, Virginia, which is within stone’s throw of Jamestown, where Colonial America began in 1607, and Yorktown, where it ended in 1781. There are historical recreations aplenty, with lots of people dressed the part, so for once my teeth might not attract undue attention. There are also some theme parks, so the kids should get their jollies too.

What there might not be, however, is internet access, so this could be the last post until Monday. If not, do be brave about it and I’ll be back as soon as I can, OK? That’s the spirit – stiff upper lip, etc…


MattyG said...

oh no! Where else am I to get my incisive invective against Labour?

Desargues said...

Have you considered Vegas, Ivan? You know, it's marketing itself as quite the family place. Plus, kids can use an encounter with the slot machines--that'll teach them the harsh, but useful truth that a lot in life depends on good luck. Everyone's trying to brainwash them these days with preposterous nonsense about hard work and meritocracy and such. You won't get too far ahead in life with a mentality like that. Witness my students, who've learned that plagiarizing from the internet is a better bet than the old gibberish about dilligent study and independent work. Anyway, you guys have fun learning how you lost your biggest colony. Or was that India?

PI said...

Ivan I can tell you with the conviction of many, many years that family holidays are vital, rewarding and the children and you will treasure the memories.
The picture reminded me of where my sister used to live - north of New York city but I can't remember the name. Have a lovely time and take some photos please and I may be away when you return but just be a brave boy.
Near White Plains I think.

R. Sherman said...

Ivan, while you're gone, the rest of us will post defamatory statements about you.

Have fun.


R. Sherman said...

Oh, and BTW. I trust your not taking the Union Jack with you to wave in some sort of protest at Yorktown.

Ivan the Terrible said...

Waving a Union Jack counts as defamatory statement #1. Keep up the good work :)