Thursday, June 15, 2006


Recent searches that have led people to this blog (with ranking in brackets):
“woman getting humped by a horse” (#9)
“jumping jews of jerusalem” (#1)
"stupid pet tricks" (#1)
“as gay as dad's hatband” (#3)
“and the lion shall lie down next to the lamb” (#3)
"He is risen indeed" (#3)
"in 1900, 1/3 of all automobiles in New York City" (#1) – a suspiciously exact quote, ‘til I remember the source (Snapple Real Facts)
“piccalilli circus” (#3)
“spartan boy let fox eat internal organs” (#3)
"elevators are for democrats" (#10)
“everyone has the face he deserves orwell” (#4)
“streichholzschächtelchen” (#4)
“Couvade Syndrome” (#4)
…and last but not least
“australian digaradoo” (sic) (#2)

I must say, I’m particularly proud of “woman getting humped by a horse”. And with this post I have a fair chance of number one spot with “jumping jews getting humped by gay circus lion”. Always a popular topic in my neck of the woods.

My work here is done. I think I’ll take the rest of the day off…

Catherine the Great, yesterday - Google’s #8 reference for “woman getting humped by a horse”. Poor dear – it’s all anyone ever remembers about her…


HA HA HA said...

taht cathrnand teh grate story is aporcrapohal isn it?

anyhow i love 'spartan boy let fox eat internal organs'. sounds like a anagram or one of them 'black qartz spoinsx' thigns. 'pangram' thats teh word.

Desargues said...

“spartan boy let fox eat internal organs”? WTF, dudes? I mean, there are twisted people out there, but still!...

Desargues said...

Here, I'll say it, just to bring you another #1 ranking in classical scholars' wankfests on Google:

"Athenian girl getting humped by Alcibiades' horse."
"Lacedemonian teen getting fondled by Corinthian pederasts."
"Ionian swingers asking Ephesian sluts over for a Hellenic orgy."

That oughtta do it.

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

I myself found you by Googling "Terrible organs, Ewok tongues and shower pee". You were the only hit for that.

Ivan the Terrible said...

Yes, 3H, that Spartan boy one was a little odd, especially seeing as it was the boy who ate the fox, but only after fucking it. Maybe that's the Spartans' version of the story. They always struck me as the snuff movie type.

"Athenian girl getting humped by Alcibiades' horse." Good one, Des. I'd pay good money myself to see that.

And Sam, you disgust me. Here we are innocently discussing bestial sex and you have to spoil it all with your repulsive fetish for Ewok watersports. What next - smoking in public?

PI said...

Sometimes - when time lies heavy - I click on referrals and click again. This can take one to places one would never choose to go. Especially when one's husband pops in with a coffee. Too embarrassing!

Ivan the Terrible said...

On the other hand, it can add a little overdue spice to one's relationship. Not that I'd recommend anything involving horses or Ewoks, you understand. Especially Ewoks. Covered in ticks they are, the filthy little furballs.

R. Sherman said...

And I thought getting spanked by Senta Berger was weird.


R. Sherman said...

This reminds me of the Onion headline: Fundamentalist Christian Led Down Path Of Iniquity By Google Search For "Bush Trimming Tips."


Ivan the Terrible said...

No weirder than getting spanked by Senta Claus...

Gorilla Bananas said...

Of course it's apocryphal, Ha^3. That thing with the horse was just a rumour to make the Cossack who scorned her feel inadequate.

Ivan the Terrible said...

Wouldn't have been so bad for the poor boy, only she used his own horse.

"I can't believe it - my girl and my best friend!"