Saturday, June 17, 2006

Shit jobs

#4: Kennedy intern.


PI said...

What a doomed family they were.
'The sins of the fathers...'

Ivan the Terrible said...

Judging by the way each new generation drops off its perch, the sons are no slackers in the sin department either.

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

The first generation of Kennedys, the old racketeering lot that made them all their money, were a shower of rogues right enough, Ivan, but the subsequent generations weren't all sinfull, surely. Apart from the light dusting of murder they have associated with them, of course. So all right, APART from the murders, the lesser Kennedys are only really guilty of being pitiable alcoholics which doesn't amount to much of a sin, but more of a clan landmine. Caroline and John-John seem(ed) pretty stable, though.

R. Sherman said...

Having successfully revolted against the idea of aristocratic privilege, we can't help ourselves but reestablish an aristocracy, the memberships of which are not based on merit but on surnames. You'd think we'd learn.