Tuesday, June 20, 2006

“We have both kinds – Country and Western…”

I get a haircut.

My personal stylist is in a state of high excitement. She and her boyfriend have tickets to see Faith Hill and husband Tim McGraw that evening.

This pair are the Posh and Becks of the parallel universe that is Country & Western, except that Faith can sing and Tim can play. The girl hacking back my greying locks gushes inarticulately about how much their music means to her, speaking of a shared experience of poverty and suffering. I point out that the happy couple now own half of Tennessee and make more money on a single concert than she will see in her entire life, but years of hairspray fumes have done their work too well, and she continues clipping away on automatic pilot without pausing her idolatory drivel.

I can’t say I care too much either way, but it does seem a bit like cheating to me. After all, as with the Blues, how can you sing C&W when you’re rich?

“My wife done screwed the poolboy
She done wreck ma Merc”

Somehow it’s just not the same…

Johnny Cash and June Carter always seemed a more authentic couple to me – but maybe that’s a quality that can only be recognized posthumously.

Johnny and June, yesterday. Now that’s the real thing.


R. Sherman said...

True. The Cash couple of yesteryear were the first to meld hill music with Elvis. Everything else after that is derivative and not as good.


staghounds said...

I'm ashamed to admit that I know this, but there is already a country song about this whole point.

Sam, Problem-Child-Bride said...

While I might normally have disagreed with you, Ivan, and asserted that a 24.5million transfer fee to Real Madrid says Beckham CAN play, after watching him defend so poorly that Sweden scored I have to say I want to agree with you now. He just failed to mark the Swedish scorer and we tied 2/2. Still, it means we don't have to play Germany in the next round. But it would still have been nice to beat Sweden.

You're right about Posh though.

My husband, much as he loves it, calls Irish and Scottish music crying and whining to music, and much as I love it, he's not wrong. C&W is just a more nasal, twangy crying and whining to music. Nothing wrong with that, if so much of it wasn't so dull and clunky and formulaic.

Ivan the Terrible said...

Dull, clunky and formulaic, maybe - but those boots! those hats! To die for...

I have spent the whole day running a big project meeting out here on Vertucon's main campus in California, so the first I heard of the England-Sweden game was just now, reading your comment, Sam. Sad, but then again, if it was a frustrating 2-2, even the stress of an all-day Powerpoint-fest is preferable.

Anonymous said...

Surely there are lots of rich c&w folk who remain ignorant and true to their roots?

Ivan the Terrible said...

No-one's so ignorant that they can't spend money. In fact it seems to be a positive advantage for that purpose.

staghounds said...

No one is so ignorant that he can't spend money.